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I’m not sure if the frogfish can qualify as a pet — maybe one of our readers could update us on whether or not these guys are commonly kept in aquariums… but anyway I ran across some images of these guys today and I thought them too cool not to share.

There’s more pictures of frogfish after the jump. Read more…

More On How To Pick A Good Pet Sitter

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Most pet owners are concerned about the health and well-being of their pet when they have to leave them behind for trips or vacations. We previously offered up some tips on picking the right pet sitter and now Earthtimes offers up more advise to help you choose an in-home pet care professional as an alternative to going with traditional kennel or day care facilities.

1. Diligently check all of the company’s references — at least three should be voluntarily provided
2. Ensure the company is fully bonded and insured
3. Verify that your sitter can accommodate both your pet’s daily feeding and exercise schedule as well as your desired vacation schedule during busy holidays
4. Ensure the company offers 7-day per week telephone and email availability
5. Confirm that your sitter has undergone a criminal background check and has received proper training
6. Pre-interview your sitter with your pet(s) present to observe interactions and establish a “comfort level” for both you and the pet(s)
7. Clearly state how you would like your sitter to use his/her visit time in terms of walking, playing, feeding, cleaning, etc.
8. Provide medical and behavioral history about your pet(s) as well as veterinary and other emergency contact information, and gather all necessary supplies, including food, vitamins, and treats in one central location
9. Ensure the company has “backup” measures in place should your sitter have an emergency that prevents them from completing your assignment
10. Confirm that your sitter will leave you a pet report card at the completion of their assignment and that the company offers a customer satisfaction guarantee in case you are dissatisfied in any way.

The above quote comes from an in-home pet care company called Fetch! The article comes off as a bit of an advertisement and I’ve never used them before, so I’m not recommending them in any way… but the advise they offer sounds reasonable and you should be able to apply it to any in or out of home pet care service.

Safeguard Your Pet From Seasonal Alements via Earthtimes via Fetch! Pet Care

Update: I just ran into an article that goes to show why you should do your homework before picking an in-home pet sitter.  The owner/operator of a pet and house-sitting business called Pet City was arrested after the “pet’s owner returned home earlier than expected and discovered various items missing from her residence. At the time of arrest, Brooks was wearing a gold-colored ring identified by the victim as part of the missing property.

Pet Sitter Charged with Stealing From Clients Via WPTV Gets A New Name! Plus… Drunk Elephants!

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Pink elephantAfter only 10 days of coming to you LIVE from the blogosphere, we’ve already changed our name! is NOW We have all the same great pet-newsy content but with a much better name, don’t you think? We think so!

News of the name change prompted elephants in northeast India to get drunk on farmers’ homemade rice beer before heading out to rampage the local village (truthfully this is rather sad news for some of the elephants, but bear with me)…

Paris Hilton, the New York socialite who’s famous for… well… nothing, had this to say about the Elephant’s drunken romp:

“The elephants get drunk all the time… It is becoming really dangerous. We need to stop making alcohol available to them.”

So true, Paris… so true. Her publicist later denied that Hilton said any such thing, but hey if you read it here, it must be true. She denied to comment on the name change, but we’re pretty certain that it’s her favorite blog for all her pet and animal related news.

Sweetener May Be Dangerous To Dogs

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Dog chewingIn October of last year, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) posted a press release warning that Sugar Substitutes May Be Dangerous To Dogs saying “If you think it’s no big deal that your dog just ate some sugar-free gum or a cookie or two, think again. You may want to make an immediate trip to your veterinarian“.

The sweetener is xylitol which is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that’s found in many fruits and vegetables like berries, corn husks, oats, and mushrooms. It has about the same sweeness as sucros, but with only 2/3’s the food energy which is what makes it a low-calorie alternative to sugar. The sweetener can be found in a variety of sugar-free products like chewing gum, toothpaste, candy and baked goods.

Unfortunately, the sugar substitute lowers the blood sugar in dogs which can result in “loss of coordination, depression, collapse and seizures as soon as 30 minutes after ingestion“.

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Pet Spa Leaves Pets Clean, Freaked Out

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Wet KittyVideos of the Pet Spa have floated around the interwebs from time to time over the past couple of years but it’s worth posting again for those of you who might not have seen it before.

This $30,000 contraption is supposed to “eliminate the stress produced by current cleaning methods“, however based on the reaction from the pets in the video I’d say they’re exaggerating that claim just a bit. Apparently this thing is “very popular in Europe” and “catching on in the USA“. Indeed.

Check out the video after the jump. Read more…

Insurance Covers Pet Injury/Death While Driving, Doesn’t Prevent Accidents

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Dog speeding down the highwayIf your concerned about your pet’s safety while driving, but you stop short at strapping them behind a seatbelt (good luck) or putting them into a pet carrier, Progressive Insurance has recently announced that they’re now “providing collision coverage for customers’ dogs or cats at no additional premium cost. It will pay up to $500 if a customer’s dog or cat is hurt or dies in a car accident.

Of course, no amount of insurance will help you get over the loss or injury of a pet due to accident, so you should always take care to secure your pet safely when driving in the car. I know, Fluffy looks soooo cute on your lap while you’re driving and she just looooves looking out the window with you, yes she does, but this is a potentially distracting situation for you and the worst place for her if something goes wrong.

What methods do you take to ensure that your pet is safe while you’re driving? Tell us about it in the comments. Read more…

SF Bay Oil Spill: News Roundup

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Aftermath of Spill
Graphic from this morning’s SF Chronicle showing 23 parks and beaches around the SF Bay are closed.

How to help wildlife affected by oil spill in SF Bay
San Jose Mercury News The sight of oil-coated birds has sparked a passionate response from the public: How can I help? But wildlife experts are urging people to stay away from oil-covered birds along the San Francisco Bay coast…

“We rely on professional staff early on, then will call for volunteers in the middle and later in cleanup,” said Yvonne Addassi, an environmental scientist for the California Department of Fish and Game.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to help with the cleanup, report oil-soaked wildlife, or to donate.

VOLUNTEER WORKSHOPS: The Department of Fish and Game encourages future volunteers to attend a class about wildlife care at one of three locations today.

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium 9:30-11:30 a.m., 99 Grove St. in San Francisco.

Harbor Master, Richmond Marina 1:30-3:30 p.m., 1340 Marina Way South in Richmond.

Headlands Institute 5-7 p.m., Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Building 1033, in Sausalito.

Clean-up expands for San Francisco Bay oil spill
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Clean-up efforts for a 58,000-gallon (220,000-liter) oil spill in San Francisco Bay expanded on Sunday as federal officials assessed damage that has closed beaches, threatened the crabbing season and killed scores of birds.

Human Error Blamed for SF Bay Oil Spill (yotube video)
Ship’s crew questioned in criminal probe of SF Bay oil spill (AP via KESQ)

Federal Criminal Investigation Opens Into 58000 Oil Spill In San Francisco Bay
Democracy Now, NY – A federal criminal investigation has been opened into a 58,000-gallon spill of heavy bunker fuel into the San Francisco Bay. The spill took place when a container ship slammed into the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Wednesday.

The oil spill has shut down over a dozen beaches and killed at least 60 birds. Ecologists warn that it could take months to clean up and that it threatens the Bay’s diverse ecosystem, including several endangered species. We speak to Sejal Choksi, Program Director at San Francisco Baykeeper.

Impact of SF Bay Oil Spill Widens (youtube video)
This video from a few days ago gives a pretty good overview of how the accident happened and what is known about the impact on local wildlife so far.

Fair Warning?

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This sign probably has a different affect depending on whether the kids or the parent sees it first. Who wouldn’t want an espresso and a free puppy?!

Unattended children

Via passiveaggressive

Rude Awakening

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Here’s a cute animated short demonstrating why cat owners don’t need alarm clocks.

Forget Kennels, How To Pick A Good Pet Sitter

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Dog RelaxingIf you travel, you know it can be totally stressful figuring out what to do with your pet while you’re away (assuming you can’t always take them along for the trip). Cuppa Writing For The Soul has written up a nice little advice piece on how to pick a good pet sitter next time you leave town rather than sticking them in an impersonal kennel.

1. Make sure that the pet sitter can accommodate both your pet’s daily feeding and walking schedule during your desired vacation schedule
2) Does the sitter offer regular progress reports and telephone and email availability?
3) Meet the sitter ahead of time with your pet(s) present to establish that it’s a fit for both you and the pet(s)
4) Be clear about the schedule you would like them to keep and give clear instructions about your pet’s needs, medicines, walking, playing, feeding, cleaning, favorite toys and other habits, quirks and idiosyncrasies of your pet
5) Provide medical and behavioral history about your pet(s) as well as veterinary and other emergency contact information, and gather all necessary supplies, including food, vitamins, toys, medicine, and treats in one central location.

Have Dog Will Travel via Cuppa Writing For The Soul

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Cat Shows Mouse Who’s Boss

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Cat uses mouse

This cat clearly knows how to put a mouse to good use. Zoe, a domestic short hair, poses for a publicity shot at the CFA-Iams Cat Championships in New York this past October.

Via chinadaily

This Pet Bed Does the Kessel Run in Less Than 12 Parsecs

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Millennium Faclon Pet BedOne of the users over at craftster offers up this idea for making a cool Mellinnium Falcon bed that your Star Wars obsessed pet will be sure to love.

Get the details here: Millennium Falcon Pet Bed

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