Build Your Own Pet Waste Composter

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Posted by Tim Miller at 1:26 pm

boston terrierThere’s an article over at Instructables on how to build a DIY pet waste composter that might be just your thing if you have a lot a poop lying around and no good place to put it.

Keep in mind before taking on this project that Dog poo contains harmful bacteria and some nasty pathogens like round worms and tape worms so you definately don’t want to use the compost in beds with edible plants/vegetables. And you should probably keep it away from kids and pregnant women. In fact, if you really want to compost your pet waste, the safest option would probably be to bury it in a really deep hole far away from water sources and never touch it again. Or just chuck it over the fence into your neighbors yard (kidding!)

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  1. Jeff Says:

    Or one could hire a professional scooper service.
    See the directory at or contact me
    to find one.

  2. Tim Says:

    Thanks for the tip, Jeff.

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