Chicken Police Break Up Rabbit Fight

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These chickens are NOT messing around!

Looking For An Exotic Pet Without All That Pesky Mauling?

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Designer CatPricey Leopard-like House Cat Offered As “Designer Pet” — Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the pet lover who thought they had everything? How about a designer cat? While you shouldn’t buy anyone an animal as a gift, in a world where it seems like science can do almost anything and money can buy you almost everything, a U.S. firm has begun turning out felines that look like leopards and act more like dogs. But getting your claws on one of these designer animals isn’t cheap. They cost $22,000 each! Read the full article…

Drive Thru Turkey Catches A Quick Bite Before Dinner

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A driver in Maryland snapped a few pics of this turkey waiting in line at the drive thru of a Dunkin’ Donuts.

While it appears that the Tom was set to get a couple of bear claws and a cup of joe, there’s no word yet on whether the turkey had a chance to get his order in before being called away for dinner. Get it? For dinner?

Drive Thru Turkey

Read more…

Filed Under Weird: Frogfish

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I’m not sure if the frogfish can qualify as a pet — maybe one of our readers could update us on whether or not these guys are commonly kept in aquariums… but anyway I ran across some images of these guys today and I thought them too cool not to share.

There’s more pictures of frogfish after the jump. Read more…

Pet Spa Leaves Pets Clean, Freaked Out

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Wet KittyVideos of the Pet Spa have floated around the interwebs from time to time over the past couple of years but it’s worth posting again for those of you who might not have seen it before.

This $30,000 contraption is supposed to “eliminate the stress produced by current cleaning methods“, however based on the reaction from the pets in the video I’d say they’re exaggerating that claim just a bit. Apparently this thing is “very popular in Europe” and “catching on in the USA“. Indeed.

Check out the video after the jump. Read more…

Holy Humongous Hungry Hippo !

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Jessica the hippo is living the good life with a family in South Africa – eating from the kitchen table and sleeping in her own bed along side the family’s dog. The man who found her after the then 1-day-old hippo was washed up on shore by flood waters says “I don’t know if she sees me as a hippo or if she sees herself as a human.”

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