Internet Animals on Strike

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Chicken Police Break Up Rabbit Fight

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These chickens are NOT messing around!

Quite Possibly The Cutest Kitten Ever

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Talking Cats

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Here’s the babel fish translation of a cute little talking cat video that was posted to youtube a few months ago. You can catch the original after the jump.

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Pet Spa Leaves Pets Clean, Freaked Out

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Wet KittyVideos of the Pet Spa have floated around the interwebs from time to time over the past couple of years but it’s worth posting again for those of you who might not have seen it before.

This $30,000 contraption is supposed to “eliminate the stress produced by current cleaning methods“, however based on the reaction from the pets in the video I’d say they’re exaggerating that claim just a bit. Apparently this thing is “very popular in Europe” and “catching on in the USA“. Indeed.

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Rude Awakening

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Here’s a cute animated short demonstrating why cat owners don’t need alarm clocks.

America’s Dog Obsession

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Why is America obsessed with dogs?Reports say that there’s at least 1 dog in 50 million American homes. The Today show tries to explain why “we’re crazy for dogs”. Click on the image to watch their report.

Are you obsessed with your dog or know someone who is (I’m looking at you, mom)? Tell us about it in the comments. Read more…

Holy Humongous Hungry Hippo !

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Jessica the hippo is living the good life with a family in South Africa – eating from the kitchen table and sleeping in her own bed along side the family’s dog. The man who found her after the then 1-day-old hippo was washed up on shore by flood waters says “I don’t know if she sees me as a hippo or if she sees herself as a human.”

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