Internet Animals on Strike

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Art Imitates Cat

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negative self-image

Chicken Police Break Up Rabbit Fight

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These chickens are NOT messing around!

A Quick Note on the Sub-Prime Loan Thing

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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That’s a darn good disguise, but I wonder if this turkey realizes that he’s hiding on the buffet… Happy thanksgiving everyone!

Smart Turkey

Drive Thru Turkey Catches A Quick Bite Before Dinner

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A driver in Maryland snapped a few pics of this turkey waiting in line at the drive thru of a Dunkin’ Donuts.

While it appears that the Tom was set to get a couple of bear claws and a cup of joe, there’s no word yet on whether the turkey had a chance to get his order in before being called away for dinner. Get it? For dinner?

Drive Thru Turkey

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Talking Cats

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Here’s the babel fish translation of a cute little talking cat video that was posted to youtube a few months ago. You can catch the original after the jump.

Read more… Gets A New Name! Plus… Drunk Elephants!

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Pink elephantAfter only 10 days of coming to you LIVE from the blogosphere, we’ve already changed our name! is NOW We have all the same great pet-newsy content but with a much better name, don’t you think? We think so!

News of the name change prompted elephants in northeast India to get drunk on farmers’ homemade rice beer before heading out to rampage the local village (truthfully this is rather sad news for some of the elephants, but bear with me)…

Paris Hilton, the New York socialite who’s famous for… well… nothing, had this to say about the Elephant’s drunken romp:

“The elephants get drunk all the time… It is becoming really dangerous. We need to stop making alcohol available to them.”

So true, Paris… so true. Her publicist later denied that Hilton said any such thing, but hey if you read it here, it must be true. She denied to comment on the name change, but we’re pretty certain that it’s her favorite blog for all her pet and animal related news.

Fair Warning?

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This sign probably has a different affect depending on whether the kids or the parent sees it first. Who wouldn’t want an espresso and a free puppy?!

Unattended children

Via passiveaggressive

Rude Awakening

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Here’s a cute animated short demonstrating why cat owners don’t need alarm clocks.

Cat Shows Mouse Who’s Boss

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Cat uses mouse

This cat clearly knows how to put a mouse to good use. Zoe, a domestic short hair, poses for a publicity shot at the CFA-Iams Cat Championships in New York this past October.

Via chinadaily

Sounds Like “I Scoop Pet Poop”

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Poop ScoopMaybe it’s just me, but ever since we started, I always hear “I scoop pet poop” in my head whenever I think of iPetScoop. But hey, thats gotta be a good thing… I mean it’s kinda catchy, right? I bet you won’t forget the name now! (I know Brian is going to hate me for posting this but I just couldn’t resist!)

Update: is now!  Please update your bookmarks.

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