Art Imitates Cat

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negative self-image

Quite Possibly The Cutest Kitten Ever

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Looking For An Exotic Pet Without All That Pesky Mauling?

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Designer CatPricey Leopard-like House Cat Offered As “Designer Pet” — Looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the pet lover who thought they had everything? How about a designer cat? While you shouldn’t buy anyone an animal as a gift, in a world where it seems like science can do almost anything and money can buy you almost everything, a U.S. firm has begun turning out felines that look like leopards and act more like dogs. But getting your claws on one of these designer animals isn’t cheap. They cost $22,000 each! Read the full article…

A Quick Note on the Sub-Prime Loan Thing

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Talking Cats

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Here’s the babel fish translation of a cute little talking cat video that was posted to youtube a few months ago. You can catch the original after the jump.

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Rude Awakening

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Here’s a cute animated short demonstrating why cat owners don’t need alarm clocks.

Cat Shows Mouse Who’s Boss

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Cat uses mouse

This cat clearly knows how to put a mouse to good use. Zoe, a domestic short hair, poses for a publicity shot at the CFA-Iams Cat Championships in New York this past October.

Via chinadaily

This Pet Bed Does the Kessel Run in Less Than 12 Parsecs

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Millennium Faclon Pet BedOne of the users over at craftster offers up this idea for making a cool Mellinnium Falcon bed that your Star Wars obsessed pet will be sure to love.

Get the details here: Millennium Falcon Pet Bed

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Weekend News Roundup: Cat Edition

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Fearless MouseWatch it, Tom! Experts find fearless Jerrie’s
In an experiment with mice, researchers have identified and removed certain receptors on the olfactory bulb of their brains — and the result was a batch of fearless rodents.

Cats more prey-full than playful
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
My grey-and-white cat has a nasty habit of leaving the remains of the day’s catch lying around. It’s become quite the sport, this game of cat-and-mouse, …

Pet Tales: Indoor or out? Cat debate continues
San Luis Obispo Tribune – San Luis Obispo,CA,USA
Another myth is that well-fed cats will not hunt. Predation is instinctive in cats, and a well-fed cat is a healthy hunter. Cats will hunt and kill, …

Cat DNA secrets may help against human and feline diseases
New York Daily News – New York,NY,USA
One feline is proving that cats are the spice of life. Scientists have decoded the DNA of a cat named Cinnamon, saying the exciting discovery may help forge new ground in treatments for both feline and human diseases.

Potential Health Risk Prompts Cat Vitamin Recall

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Just a quick update to let you know that if you’re using Hartz Vitamin Care for Cats, you should check your product to see if your affected by the recall.  The recall was posted on the FDA web site on November 2, 2007.

The Hartz Mountain Corporation is voluntarily recalling one specific lot of Hartz Vitamin Care for Cats due to concerns that one or more bottles within the lot may have been potentially contaminated with Salmonella. Hartz is fully cooperating with the US Food and Drug Administration in this voluntary recall.

The product involved is 3600 bottles of Hartz Vitamin Care for Cats, lot code SZ- 1637 1, UPC number 32700-97701, which was manufactured by a third party manufacturer, UFAC (USA), Inc., in Baconton, Georgia.

Read the entire press release after the jump. Read more…

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